Datanames: add context to your data

We live in an era of big data. Billions of new records of data are available to you each day. But there all useless numbers and letters untill you can view them in some sort of context. Once in context, you can use, link, redistribute, manage and analyse data.

Datanames are a first essential step in this process. They give you a standarized method of naming data, making it easy to find en use data, regardless of the source.

Datanames in practice

Datanames are a key element of the Webanizr project. They can, and should, be used in all system that deal with the publication or exchange of data. This site will help you learn the essence of datanames and how to apply them. 

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Naming data

One key element of datanames is giving data a name that describes the content of the data. If you entered data in two different systems (ie your personal e-mail address) you should be able to retreive it by the same name (email@person). It is not the system your data is stored in that defines the name, it is what the data represents that defines it.


Formating data

When exchanging data it is extremly important the data is formated the same regardless of the source. This enables free exchange of data without converting it. When applying or displaying data however, you might want to use a different format. Datanames allow you to format data without changing the original value.

Traversing data

Data is most usefull when linked to other data. It is the complete picture you are looking for. Datanames give you the tools to traverse, link, relate and combine data to generate new data on the fly. This extreemly powerfull feature eliminates the need for code and opens a world of options when handling data.

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Datanames are an essential part of the Webanizr project